Testimonials from Past Clients

Brandon is an absolutely thorough and top notch lawyer. Not only did he return every call within hours to EVERY single question I'd asked, but he was able to secure me more than I had originally expected. Additionally, I was never blind-sided my fees that weren't necessary and in line with the work he needed to do. Without going into too many details on my particular case, Brandon's knowledge helped us win my case and surpass even my own expectations. He was excellent. I give Mr. Block my highest praise. I wish all attorneys were this specialized and more importantly, I wish they were all such brilliant specialists. It was honestly the easiest case in which I've been involved. I handed him my trust and my pending law suit, and he delivered on every level. Thank you, Brandon.

Brandon took my case when no other attorney would. Other attorneys said the case was not winnable.  Brandon ended up winning a class action against my credit union! Great communication and kept me involved through the entire process! I highly recommend Mr. Block for your legal matters!

We were in an unfortunate situation with a corporation where we knew we had been wronged but needed someone who could help. Thankfully, we found Brandon Block. The most important thing he did was listen. We had a lot details, and he took them all in. The second most important thing he did was ask questions so that he had the foundation to move forward. He kept us in the loop every step along the way. We reached a good settlement on the lawsuit. We hope to never be in this position again, but if we were, we would not hesitate to callon Brandon again.

My car was illegally repossessed in June 2012 by going over the fence, because the repossession guy went over the fence in a locked gate. Luckily, my neighbor saw him and confronted the repossession guy, and informed him that what he was doing was illegal. It was around 2 am and my neighbor tried his best to prevent the guy from taking my car and to no avail. When I found out that Monday morning, I was agitated. Yes, I should have paid the car, but my family and I have been in a financial rut, so I searched online and found the law office of Brandon Block. I called his office and when I spoke to him, he immediately told me that it was illegal. Moreover, I was informed by my neighbor that he would be willing to testify. It took four long years when I was awarded a one lump-sum. Brandon did warn me that it would take years to get a favorable outcome, and I would be frustrated in the process. His patience, extensive knowledge and Alex's made the impossible possible. My advice to people who have similar experience is to gather all the paper works, like signed documents and any/all communications between you and your finance company, and be patient too. Additionally, organized all the documents, any verbal messages should be jotted down with the name of the person you spoke to, date and time, if possible. I highly recommend the law office of Brandon Block. You will be taken care of. I am not entitled to state the amount, but it was substantial. My utmost gratitude to Brandon and Alex.

I had my car repossessed at 2 am in the morning. I was so devastated, distraught, embarrassed and didn't know what to do. The next morning I spent the whole day searching and calling multiple attorneys that I can speak to. I probably spoke to 7 different attorneys but none of them whom I felt comfortable and didnt feel like I had their best interest. I felt frustrated and disappointed and I had to give it a last try. I found Law Offices of Brandon A. Block. I called Attorney Brandon right away and fortunately he was there available to talk to me. For me, first impression is very important. Attorney Brandon Block was very kind and so willing to listen to my problem and frustrations. After speaking with him, I felt such a relief and I knew Attorney Brandon cared for me and with no hesitation was very willing to help me.

So we met in person and he took my case. He is so kind, very professional, cares deeply about his clients, very knowledgeable and very good in communicating throughout the process. Attorney Brandon helped us a great deal, not only he eliminated what we owe to my car, he also got us some money for all the inconvenience and pain we suffered and most of all we did not pay him a penny.

I will highly recommend Law Offices of Brandon Block to anyone who is looking for an Attorney who really cares. Thank you so much Attorney Brandon for everything you've done for us. There's no words to describe how much we appreciated what you had accomplished. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

After several years of trying to independently resolve an issue on my credit report with no success, I reached out to Brandon for help. Within several months of doing so, not only did this creditor remove the false reporting from my record, I was able to walk away with a monetary settlement!!! To say, "Brandon has exceeded all my expectations" would be an understatement -- he went above and beyond and is without a doubt, the best attorney ever!! So good in fact, I've already referred him to several other individuals looking for top-notch, legal representation!

I am extremely grateful and happy I found Brandon and his firm. I HIGHLY recommend their services. Brandon is extremely professional, responsive, follows up, follows through and delivers on everything he says. He is truly one of a kind, exceptional! I have and will keep recommending him to any of my friends and family members. I wish more attorneys were as genuine, humble, honest and fair like he is. He really deserves more recognition than he gets. I cannot thank him enough for handling my case.

Brandon represented me with a collection case and throughout the entire process he kept me informed and gave me his most professional advice and representation. He was very honest and he settled my case in a professional manner and always had my best interest in mind. In my humble opinion he is a great lawyer and great person.

We contacted Brandon in regards to a debt issue. He was very professional and was very up front about the process and what to expect. He did everything he said he would do and I couldn’t be happier with his service. I highly recommend him.

Great Attorney, gave me the clear cut truth from day one! Kept in contact regarding the case the whole process, and handled my case with great professionalism.

I contacted the Law Offices of Brandon Block after my car was illegally repossessed. During the initial consult, he immediately put me at ease as he was clearly knowledgeable, but he also took the time to explain the process in layman’s terms and ensured I both understood, and was comfortable, with the process. Throughout the duration of the case, Brandon continued to walk me through the process, constantly ensuring I understood and agreed what was happening with my case. Thanks to Brandon, the matter was settled swiftly, and very favorably. While I hope I never need an attorney for a matter like this again, I would not hesitate to contact him, or refer others to him, as I believe he’s excellent.

I’ve dealt with attorneys in the past and I’ve never experienced such an amazing experience. I jumped through hoops to find him because many law offices didn’t care to hear me out for the wrong doing of my finance company. The moment I spoke to him he explained everything in detail and was very honest and expectations of my case. I just wanted them to pay for illegally repossessing my car. I got more than I expected and I’m so happy to share that Brandon is one of a kind attorney. Keep doing what you do best. Thank you so much for helping me when I needed your expertise in the field.

Brandon was extremely helpful and reassuring when he took on my case. Very grateful to have had him on my side of the table. Definitely a lawyer I’d highly recommend!

Job is done perfectly! We spend no time in court at all, lawyer did everything on our behalf! We have a car repossession issue and the repo man did some things he not suppose to. I did some research online and find Brandon Block. I decided to give him a call because of the good reviews he had. Only a phone calls with Brandon and we get the money from a towing company we having issues with! He prepare all the paperwork and agreements and letters himself and only email it to us for review. We never talk to anyone except our attorney, all the paperwork done remotely via email and we basically only put a couple signatures. He always return our phone calls when we have questions. Explains all the details very clear and friendly. We truly LOVE working with Brandon and we do recommend his services to everyone!

Several years ago, BRANDON represented me in a CASE against a company (yes, the motorcycle people) which he brought to a FULL RESOLUTION (with a nice settlement) in the span of less than of 6 months!! Harley had actually stated I OWED THEM MONEY (and had it on my credit report which impacted my ability to get a mortgage license) and in the end, THEY GAVE ME MONEY and immediately deleted from my reports! Suffice to say, BRANDON was a God-send - LITERALLY!! Very professional, always returned my calls, and SUPER ORGANIZED!! I'd recommend him in a heart-beat!! (And actually did for my nail salon lady who needed help in a wrongful-death suit) Again, HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM!!!!!

We were wronged by a car finance company. We had documented evidence supporting our side. Brandon listened to everything. Took copies of all of our notes so he had all the details. He was very aggressive in his approach in support of us. He kept us in the loop all throughout the process as we went through the litigation process. When the finance company offered a settlement, he walked us through all the options. The settlement was reasonable, and got us enough to pay off the car once and for all.

Mr Block was great. He was always available and was quick to respond my email. He did a great job we didn’t need to go to trial they settled. I would Highly recommend him.