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Car Repossessed, Now What?

If you have a car loan, the lender can retake possession of your car after a default by “self-help” repossession. That means the lender does not need to file a lawsuit, but can just send the repossession company to pick up your car upon a default. Self-help repossession, while legal, is a drastic remedy and…

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DT Credit Class Action Payments

We have been informed that the checks to class members who are entitled a return of monies paid on deficiency balances were mailed today. Please contact us if you believe that you are entitled to a payment, but have not received one.

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Late Payments & Repossessions

We receive a lot of inquiries from consumers who have had their cars repossessed before the deadline they verbally agreed to with a representative of the finance company. Often the finance company will defend the repossession on the grounds that they never made the agreement and in any event, the finance contract requires all modifications…

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